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In El Salvador, one in every four young men or women don’t study or work, according to a 2016 Fundaungo study. Around 400 thousand of them are not economically active, a harsh reality which impacts the country’s economy and society, mainly because of the existing barriers, poverty, lack of opportunities and lagging public educational system and its limited resources.

For that reason, in 2007 The Gloria de Kriete Foundation decided to create and lead the Oportunidades Program, offering young Salvadorans a platform to reduce this educational gap and transform their lives and their families’ future.

The program brings an opportunity for academically bright, gifted but limited-resourced young Salvadorans to have access to complementary quality high school education, scholarships and financial aid to pursue higher education, and ultimately offer them labor insertion support in order to propel the young professionals’ employability opportunities upon completion of the program.

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Our Mission

Oportunidades Program

Oportunidades believe in youth citizencommitted to the future of El Salvador


To be the leading program in academic excellence and holistic education, that transforms Salvadoran youth – with limited resources and high academic performance - into positive change agents for their communities and El Salvador.


Increase the opportunities of social integration and success for underprivileged and high-achieving young women and men through holistic education that coaches and guides them throughout high school, higher education and their first job.

Our Team

Executive Team

Juana Jule General Director

Bachelor of economics and business
Master of Business Administration from Purdue University and GISMA School of Management

Andrea Schildknecht de Méndez Schoolarships Director

Bachelor of Special Education from Vanderbilt University
Master in International Educational Policy from Harvard Graduate School of Education

Linda de Melara Administration and Finance Director

Bachelor of Administration and Finance.

Mónica de Gálvez Employability Director

Bachelor of communications
Postgraduate degree in Pedagogy
Master MBA, Specialty Coaching, University of Cádiz and Gadex Program, Spain.

Keny Márquez Schoolarship Assistant Director

Bachelor of Business Administration.
Master in Educational Consulting / UNICAES
Postgraduate International Innovative Management of Human Talent / Anahuac-FEPADE.
Executive and Life Certified Coach by TISOC, The International School of Coaching

Abigail Cisneros Training Center Director (San Salvador)

Bachelor of English language. Master in Strategy and Leadership in Management.

Silvia Munguía Training Center Director (Santa Ana)

Bachelor of Psychology scaled specialty in special education.


Oportunidades is a program created by The Gloria de Kriete Foundation A family institution that promotes a spirit of service within its members with the main purpose of working to improve the lives of underprivileged people from El Salvador.

Oportunidades pursues to increase the employability skills in Salvadoran youth that have academic excellence and have a great desire to succeed but lack the economic resources to achieve their goals.

The program offers young Salvadorans an opportunity to learn all skills and subjects necessary for a successful insertion in today’s competitive labor market, or launch their own personal entrepreneurial projects.

Holistic Education takes place through the program’s 3 consecutive Phases:

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See Phase 3

Claudia Pineda

Claudia María Pineda Olano joined the program in 2009. She graduated as a Communications major from Dr. José Matias Delgado University. At 19 started working at TECHO El Salvador, where she began her professional career as an analyst and now holds a commercial director position where she works on many projects that help the most vulnerable communities in the country.

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Join our Oportunidades Volunteers to help turn around the lives of Salvadoran youth.

"The experience of sharing our knowledge makes an excellent opportunity for young people, although the greatest learning is built by being with them."

Cristina García

Technician in occupation and labor intermediation

"Teaching hundreds of young people innovation methods is one of our core causes! We are excited to empower the future entrepreneurs and leaders of El Salvador with our weSpark webinars! Thanks to Oportunidades and Gloria de Kriete Foundation for creating and organizing such an outstanding educational-boost program."

Nelson Javier Mejia

Innovation Expert and Entrepreneur

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"I want to help others just like Oportunidades helped me, because the best thing we can do is to help others to reach their goals."

Abilio Posada